K Block Technology manufactures lightweight cellular concrete (LCC) production equipment and additives for both our own use and for sale to other companies that wish to produce lightweight concrete.

We can supply customers with complete production systems or with individual items. And, our products and services are backed by based 20 years of practical experience producing lightweight cellular concrete both on-site or at our own factory. By using our equipment and products – K Block technology makes producing lightweight concrete simple, economical and provides customers with key competitive advantages.

Product: Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC)
Lightweight Cellular Concrete is a product with great features and benefits – such as: low weight, high heat/ sound insulation, able to pumped long distances and it is easy to make and use. Click below (“Learn More”) – to see how it can make your building/ project faster, easier and with better performance.
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Lightweight Cellular Concrete is made using: cement/ pozzolans, sand and other fillers, water and millions of small strong air bubbles. It is a fantastic material that can provide products and buildings with a wide range of features and benefits.

Key Property What you get
Cement Based LCC is easy to make and use. And it can be made at a factory or on-site.
Millions of small air bubbles (closed cell structure) Air gives LCC products high heat and sound insulation. And the closed cell air structure means LCC products can be used in wet areas and in external walls – even if the product is left unfinished.
Low Weight (lower weight than soil, sand, stone and concrete) Low product weight brings many benefits to projects and costs.
Such as:
1. Reducing a buildings weight – so lower foundation costs.
2. Makes products easier to lift at site – reducing crane costs.
3. Reduced freight cost since more units can be placed on a truck.
4. 4. Lower weight means reduce settlement in LCC applications like road works, void filling, bridges.
High Flow LCC can be made with high flow – it is almost self-levelling. And, no vibration is needed after pouring. Just pour and done.
Also, with high flow and no stone in the product, placement is fast and levelling is easy. Fewer workers are needed both at the plant and for on-site pours.
Highly Pumpable Pumping makes placement easy and Lightweight Cellular Concrete can be pumped up to 5 km.
High Production Volumes On-site production equipment have many sizes but large units can produce LCC volumes >75m3 per hour.
On-site Lightweight Cellular Concrete

Within Thailand, K Block owns and operates a fleet of mobile Inline Mixer units – these units can produce lightweight cellular concrete on-site. RMC trucks delivery mortar to the site, it is then poured into the Inline unit, and lightweight cellular concrete is pumped out. No delay - quick and easy. And, with our large units, LCC production volumes >75m3 per hour are possible.

Used for on-site applications like: roads (base or sub-base material), bridge ramp fills, trench fill for services (ie. water, sewer or electrical lines), void fills, floor topping and roof insulation – LCC produced on-site is sold by the m3.

Fast, easy and quick to pour, LCC can save a project both time and money. Call us today to find how LCC can help your project.


Customer opens new Lightweight Block Product Line aimed at reducing Global Warming

With the effects of Global Warming becoming more and more evident, developing products with low carbon footprints is one great way to help. 

Structural Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC) brings more Carbon Footprint Savings

Working with our precast customers, we have developed a structural lightweight cellular concrete (LCC) mix that is 35% lighter than concrete


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Floor Topping

Floor Topping with Lightweight Concrete

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